Month: November 2019

  • We all have Mental Health … good or bad.

    mental health - Don't give up

    I say that “we all have mental health, good or bad”, because we all have minds. In True reality we all share the One Mind, but at this point let’s go with the worldly view of us being individuals with separate minds, where we have thoughts and emotions.

    I had a massive nervous breakdown in 2007, which had been festering with grief since my daughter emigrated to Australia in October 2005. She was born in Oz, in 1983 when we were living there, so she has dual-nationality and could visit Australia whenever she wanted to. In 2004, after a three-month travelling experience with a girlfriend, she decided to go and live in Sydney.

    When she first told me her plans, my initial reaction, bearing in mind I’d been a single mum since my kids were 7 & 9 years’ old, was, “Fantastic! It’ll be amazing and I can come and visit you!” That reminds me of when she was born, a baby sister for her 22 month-old brother … “Hello,” I said looking down at her in my arms, “We can go shopping together!” Well, after going through my second long labour, I deserved a guaranteed shopping partner! (And that worked out well, by-the-way!!)

    Then, the following January 2006, my son also went to live in Australia on a one-year working visa, so I was left (my subconscious told me that I’d been abandoned yet again), and I was living on my own in what had been our family home for the last 18 years in a small village, and I felt very isolated and was grieving for my loss of both kids to a country 12,000 miles’ away. Unbeknown to me, I went slowly downhill without knowing what was “happening” to me… and having repressed childhood emotions of sadness and loss, I was heading for a massive breakdown.

    I became increasingly depressed and anxious, I lost two stone (28lbs) in weight and had to buy two sizes smaller in jeans. I was desperate for company and used to greet our Postie over-keenly just because I wanted someone to speak to! I’d already started my ‘Master Your Life’ business in 2004, and had left my paid fundraising job in the charity Id worked for to focus on teaching spirituality full-time. I had over 20 ‘Master Your Life’ students up until 2008, when I finally had to submit to my poor mental health and address my healing.

    Those students by-the-way, and I’m very happy to relate, went on to become healers, astrologers, yoga practitioners, expressive artists, and one Pilates teacher, and continued to grow both spiritually and to lead happier, richer lives. A few went and did courses with my metaphysics teacher, Margaret McElroy, then in Seattle and who has since passed away, so they benefitted from her wonderful teachings too.

    The healing process for me was up and down, and as Margaret taught us, it would be three steps forward and two steps back. The healing journey is not necessarily an easy one, although the steps are simple to understand. I searched for answers outside of myself for healing from therapists; I talked to psychiatrists (four in England and one in Australia); and various counsellors, but ultimately my own physical health and spiritual and mental practices were up to me, with support from others, of course, we should always receive assistance from supporters and loved ones.

    This blog might become a book, so I’ll stop now! 

    If you’d like to learn more about how I help coach people on their spiritual and personal journeys, please use the contact form to get in touch with me, Jacquie.

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  • Are you a bit of a Spiritual Junkie?

    Spiritual book

    An alternative title would have been “Spiritual seeker becomes spiritual practitioner”! I have read dozens of books, attended many workshops and a few amazing, life-changing metaphysics courses. In 2003-2005, I attended the three Master of Metaphysics Courses run by Margaret McElroy, nee Birkin, who channelled ascended master Maitreya.

    Nothing’s by chance, there is no such thing as coincidence, it’s all serendipity, and I’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids (as I write aged 38 and 36 years old), who have done almost the very same, identical courses and study books as me, so we’re able to support and encourage each other in an absolutely fantastic way, even life-saving and definitely life-changing at some points in my life. My son was Margaret’s youngest and one of her first students, aged 21, back in 2002, although my daughter was younger when she did the Beginners Course with me in 2003, at 19.

    Practising what we’ve learned from all the books we’ve read to-date, and the courses and workshops we’ve attended, rather than reading yet another spiritual or self-help book is vital. It’s also important to stop being a Spiritual Junkie and zone in on one spiritual path and/or spiritual teacher.

    If you’re anything like me, you have many questions you want to find the answers to, and you love reading the many amazing self-help, spiritual and autobiographies to find the truth out for yourself – indeed, YOUR Truth.

    “How can I be happier?” “How can I become enlightened?” And I’m sure you have a myriad of other questions! Do you think it’s time that you really zoned in and addressed your core truth, or do you want to continue procrastinating and messing about with being a nice, spiritual person for a few more years?

    I’ve always been a very nice person, kind and loving, compassionate, etc, but, do you know, and it may surprise you … being all those things doesn’t make you enlightened! I remember being shocked when I realised this. All the time I’d been a people-pleaser, I wasn’t actually loving ME, and nor was I growing towards the enlightened state that I now find myself much closer to.

    Taking a long hard look in the mirror, to use a well-known phrase, is what is seriously needed to find out what our beliefs are, whether we really like these beliefs, ie do they really relate to who you are, or were they things you’d been taught as you were a child and you’ve carried them with you all your life?

    Are you ready to do some journeying with Jacquie? If so, please get in touch and ask me some questions! Please use the Contact Form on my website here.

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  • A Course in Miracles and Where the ego is!

    Rainbow miracle

    As this is the first blog for my new website, I thought I’d introduce myself and share a little about Who I Am, and What I’m about!

    I’m a student, practitioner and teacher of A Course in Miracles. No, I’m not Marianne Willaimson or David Hoffmeister or Gary Renard – three successful and amazing Course Teachers (who all happen to be Americans), but I have a few students and after setting up a Home Study Group in Guildford in 2008 with just a couple, my son and myself, something I’d wanted to do ever since I started studying the Course in 2007, I’m pleased to say that our Group is still going strong and has 11 members! 

    We meet in each other’s homes and after reading some of the Text (or during) we discuss how we are putting the Course’s teachings into our everyday lives – or more importantly, HOW we can use them to help us grow and become enlightened. Not that the Course uses that term, it talks about Salvation and Atonement, but Nirvana and enlightenment are more commonly used by spiritual seekers – like you and me! 

    Language and jargon can be very misleading, or very helpful. But I’ll tell you one thing, it is very hard indeed to describe an enlightened moment, or a spiritual experience!

    One thing many people get muddled up about is the “ego”.

    It is not your personality or characteristics. It is a thought belief system in your mind. Not in your brain or “in your head” … in your mind! It sends you thoughts all the time (thousands all day long) about this and that, judgement calls usually, whether you like her or dislike him, and most usually about ourselves – and very often negative, self-defeating thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, etc.

    Another thing that is commonly misunderstood is the mind. The mind is not in our heads, or in our brains. In fact, we are IN our minds! Well, that’s obviously something for the physicists to ponder, but Science is beginning to understand what metaphysics and esoteric teachings have known for aeons.

    To learn more – do contact me, Jacquie, using the contact form on the website. I look forward to hearing from you – not for an esoteric discussion because we’d be here all day! But to assist you on your spiritual path. I look forward to hearing from you.

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