Month: December 2020

  • How can we find Inner Peace and True Happiness?

    Our purpose on the Earth plane is to get back in touch with our true spirit, to re-awaken in God. That is the only place we will find true peace and inner happiness – “that passes all understanding”.

    Worldly events and material things bought with money bring happiness – but all those things bring only temporary happiness. For example, we go to a friend’s wedding and have a lovely day, everyone’s looking their best and are happy for the couple who are in love, and weddings are usually happy events. But looking behind the scenes, and we will find nervousness, doubt even (am I marrying the right person?), and usually the stress of organising the event carries on through the day. I’ve known a bride and her mother both taking Valium on the morning of her wedding! And my then husband-to-be was up at dawn pacing the gardens of the hotel because he couldn’t sleep!

    Many people use alcohol and drugs as sticking plasters to cover their unhappiness, often leading to addiction. Other people create bad habits such as using retail therapy to hide behind their unhappiness, which can lead to hording material belongings. I think, although it can be fun, making collections of antiques or shells is a form of addiction, because we’re clinging to material things to hide behind instead of addressing our thoughts. I speak from experience!

    However, the only way to find inner peace is to address our emotional and mental baggage gathered through this life and from our past lives. (We live 1000s of lifetimes until we become enlightened.) And understanding that our individual issues are caused by either a childhood trauma or a relationship breakdown, for example, is a good starting point. Being willing to put in the personal development work is the only way to truly find inner peace.

    Often people say to me, “Well that’s not easy,” and no, I’m afraid it’s not easy. But this life ain’t exactly easy is it? We all have problems and suffer in one way or another and we got ourselves in to this mess, so we have to put in the work to get ourselves out of it! If, you want to – and that’s the big question. Do you really want to find inner peace?

    If you are reading this, I’m going to assume you have some interest in doing so. You will be at a place on your life path where you realise there is something better than what this world offers.

    And, if it’s any encouragement, I’ve done the work and if I can do it … you can!

    I’m not claiming to be enlightened but I’ve addressed my childhood trauma and my resulting fear of being alone. I’ve


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  • YOU are your OWN Healer

    Jacquie Verbeek

    Christmas is nearly upon us – it comes round every year! And although it is a happy occasion for many, it can also bring up lots of deep and unaddressed emotions and can be a lonely time of the year when normal routine ceases and many find themselves at home alone, and will do this year because of the world-wide pandemic.

    People who are experiencing anxiety, who are distressed or depressed need to take control of their minds, and I would like to share some techniques to do so in this article, which will lead to your own healing.

    Maitreya called the place where bad thoughts come from our chattering mind, where the lower self abides; Buddhists call it the monkey mind; and others refer to it as the Ego mind or Ego belief system – whatever you call it, whatever it’s called is irrelevant – it’s the negative part of our thought system that goes on and on and on making us doubtful, distressed, anxious, endlessly worried and depressed.

    • Stop caring about “what other people think of you”. It doesn’t matter two hoots (as my mother used to say!) what anybody else thinks of you and your behaviour. A friend of mine says she has to get out of bed before 9am to open her curtains because she’s worried about her neighbours thinking less of her.
    • But they’re probably thinking, “lucky woman to be able to have a lie in today!” We never know what someone else is thinking, so please don’t waste YOUR time worrying about it and usually making up elaborate stories about what they might be thinking! What a “waste of your energy”, as Margaret* used to say!
    • Focus on what makes you happy and do these things on a regular basis… do you like to dance? Yes? So dance in your kitchen (kitchen floors are often the best for Twisting!) If you enjoy reading, writing, drawing, walking by the sea or in Nature – do it! What are you waiting for? Enjoy yourself!
    • Stop waiting for your partner to treat you properly – or worse make you happy. Ask them for what you want. Don’t expect them to be able to read your mind just because you live together. Although it is up to YOU to find your own inner happiness, not your loved ones.
    • Ask yourself if your relationship is based on its “potential” or “the reality”? If you’re forever waiting for your partner to treat you properly – they probably never will if they’re not now, and not unless YOU ask them to do certain things for you.
    • There’s no reason not to care for someone, of course, but try and stop making excuses for why your partner is not loving you properly. If you’re not happy and know in your heart that things won’t change, leave.
    • To calm your chattering mind, take up a spiritual practice or discipline so you have a daily reminder to focus on your spiritual side.
    • Set up a Morning Practice of Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, chanting and most importantly keeping a Journal.
    • Study a spiritual book like A Course in Miracles – it has a Workbook of 365 lessons which you could start on 1st January 2021. I do it every year and it gets better and better each year as my perception changes.
    • Do the exercises in Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, with a view to keeping your mind (thoughts) and body healthy.
    • Plan to do a Spiritual Development course or workshop in 2021 – please see my website for details of mine courses, based on Maitreya’s teachings.
    • Buy yourself a Gratitude Journal or Self Care Playbook from The Happi Empire – created by Frances, a student of Margaret’s and Maitreya.

    You are your own healer. It’s up to each one of us to take control and be responsible for our own minds, our own thoughts.

    If you find yourself in an anxious state, distressed or depressed, grieving, etc, please try not to let yourself spiral down a dark hole. I did that and it became a nightmare and a very difficult place to climb out of. Instead, talk to Spirit, ask your Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel or Holy Spirit to give you guidance. Have an Astrology reading – I can recommend a brilliant intuitive Astrologer.

    Always stay in touch with someone who cares, please don’t isolate yourself, which I also did. Talking to a someone is a good way to start talking about your crazy thoughts – and please know that it is quite normal to have crazy thoughts, and also to have suicidal ideations. You are NOT alone.

    And most importantly, as Ascended Master Maitreya taught me,”DON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY” – and I will add DON’T TAKE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS PERSONALLY! Our thoughts can lie to us when they come from our lower self, our ego mind.

    If you have any comments or thoughts, please do get in touch.

    With love, as ever


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