Jacquie Verbeek


Hi, I’m Jacquie, a spiritual development teacher for people seeking True Peace & Joy.

I’m passionate about helping people understand metaphysics – the study of the unknown. Are you interested in exploring and practising spiritual techniques to find true happiness?

As a metaphysics student, and a practising teacher of A Course in Miracles, I love to share the practical techniques inspired by these and other ancient wisdom teachings.

If you’re at a place in your life where you’re wondering, “What’s next?” and need some guidance, do come and find the answers for yourself on my Metaphysics course.

Have you always felt there was more meaning to your life?

A part of you knows there must be more to life than this, but what is it, how do you find it and make it a part of your life? This is where I come in. I’m passionate about helping people remember Who they really are and I can help you bring that knowledge into your life and experience joy. 

After a life-long journey seeking my Truth, I discovered A Course in Miracles, channelled by Jesus, and by practising it I’ve healed and experienced enlightenment. It’s not an easy path, it takes explanation, sharing, hard work, healing and dedication! But I’m living proof its techniques work!

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My Core Values


Loving kindness, as taught by Buddha, and Love Thy Neighbour, as taught by Jesus. I’ve always seen people’s good points. The choice is ours – Love or Fear.


Being kind and compassionate seems to come naturally to me. I’m Libran which helps me to be balanced in conflicts. Compassion to all sentient beings is essential.


If we were all telepathic, we could only be truthful… and nice to each other! Secrets hurt the person keeping them. Honesty is definitely the best policy!


Empowerment, rather than low self-worth. Strength of character and determination gives us a feeling of being in charge of our lives.

What I Believe

Through enquiry, study and experiential practice, it’s possible to find your Truth, buried deep inside; and to achieve a peaceful contentment and inner happiness surpassing anything this world can offer.

Jacquie Verbeek
Jacquie's lotus

Life is so fast-paced, your spiritual life barely gets a look in, even though you sense that your life will flow once you give it a chance!

Are you ready to discover your authentic self?​

How we can work together

Metaphysics Courses

Develop your own personal spirituality. Covering meditation, energy healing, the ego thought system, connecting to Spirit, ascended Masters, your Higher Self, and stages to enlightenment.

Personal Development Workshops

One-day workshops on Metaphysics including topics such as Channelling, Life Plans, Goal Setting and Time Management.

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Private sessions to help you on your own healing path (face-to-face or on webcam platforms like Zoom). You’ll be able to ask ascended Masters for guidance through Jacquie’s channelling.
10 Spiritual Laws - Ascended Master Maitreya

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