After reading A Course in Miracles Lesson 79 to my WhatsApp group, I did as instructed and asked, “Spirit, what is the one problem?” And this was His reply:

“You feel guilty because you think you have separated from God and you’re sad about that. Your deep feeling of sadness is ultimately based on that, and all your life “lessons” in this life have been based around separation and abandonment. If you consider all your sadness and relationships, it is those that have caused your feelings of rejection, abandonment and sadness.

These worldly problems have all been set up to offer you a healing opportunity. Being left at boarding school at a young age was deliberately a big lesson, and all the others followed until you realized you had to simply forgive them (the people and events). And when you realized that you have NEVER separated from God and are not alone, you have just been FEELING that because all of the people in this lifetime “left” you (each in a different way).

Forgive these people (your brothers and sisters) because they contracted with you to act out in this Script for you to learn this major lesson in your evolvement. People you sincerely trusted: your parents, your sister, your husband, your best friend Maureen, your best friend Susan, your teenage friend Keith who’s blocked you on Facebook (ha ha!), your children when they moved to the other side of the world, and your various boyfriends.

Note that none of these abandonments was through hatred of you. Your teacher, Ascended Master Maitreya taught you, “not to take things personally”, which is at the bottom of your list of Ten Spiritual Laws, and as it has served you well, you teach this to others.

Indeed, your parents loved you, your sister loves you, your husband loved you, Maureen and Susan loved you, Keith doesn’t know it because he is full of fear, but he loves you. He certainly doesn’t hate you; they are simply afraid of your openness with your spirituality.

Your children love you and all those boyfriends loved you – indeed not one told you he didn’t. They all had their reasons for not remaining with you – all different and many.”

Me: “OK, thank you Spirit, so what is the answer?”


Forgiveness heals because you have recognized, at last, that you have not and never will be separate from God.

Forgiveness heals because you have realized that the world is an illusion, a dream in which you can choose to remain stuck in your worldly beliefs or you can release yourself, and be free and at peace.

Forgiveness heals because you now know you are not guilty of anything, because you have truly not sinned.

In God there is only Love.

Forgiveness heals because you know you are not actually here, you are dreaming this life just as you dream at night, and you are awakened to the fact that you are acting out a Script (your Script) to learn this lesson of abandonment.

Forgiveness heals because Holy Spirit knows what’s in your heart, He knows what is in your mind, your thoughts, and that your intention is to let go, to love all and wake up to the knowledge you are in God, with God, in Love and never were anything BUT Love,

Continue practising Forgiveness for all minor upsets and use it to finally clear and heal all the major upsets in your Script (this lifetime).

Well done for telling your sister you wouldn’t do her Tai Chi class next term because you wouldn’t have had the courage to voice that previously because you’d have been worried about how she would react.

You have also recently learned, and put into practice, not only “speaking your truth” but also recognizing that how others respond to anything you tell them is NOT your responsibility, but theirs.

Well done.”

Me: “Thank you Spirit!”

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With love as ever,