• Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you depressed?

    Spiritual Guidance Coaching

    I expect, wherever you’re reading this in the world, you’ve experienced self-isolation and social distancing during Lockdown. Vocabulary that wasn’t in use prior to the 2020 corona virus pandemic! Whatever your state of mind prior to the last few months, if you’re anything like me, I expect you’ve had some fearful thoughts, unusual emotions and […]

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  • Mind Body Spirit

    Master Your Life Courses

    You’ve probably heard it said that this life is “an illusion”, a “dream”, and that we are here in physical form for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to learn our lessons, to heal and evolve? It’s an illusion because our only true home is in God. But while we’re here in the […]

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  • What is Fear?

    Fear – what is it really? Hello there, isn’t this the strangest time of our lives? The whole world is under Lockdown due to the Corona Virus, and from what I gather, most people are feeling anxious and fearful. But also, the wonderful thing is that the whole world is working together to support each […]

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  • We all have Mental Health … good or bad.

    mental health - Don't give up

    I say that “we all have mental health, good or bad”, because we all have minds. In True reality we all share the One Mind, but at this point let’s go with the worldly view of us being individuals with separate minds, where we have thoughts and emotions. I had a massive nervous breakdown in […]

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  • Are you a bit of a Spiritual Junkie?

    Spiritual book

    An alternative title would have been “Spiritual seeker becomes spiritual practitioner”! I have read dozens of books, attended many workshops and a few amazing, life-changing metaphysics courses. In 2003-2005, I attended the three Master of Metaphysics Courses run by Margaret McElroy, nee Birkin, who channelled ascended master Maitreya. Nothing’s by chance, there is no such thing […]

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  • A Course in Miracles and Where the ego is!

    Rainbow miracle

    As this is the first blog for my new website, I thought I’d introduce myself and share a little about Who I Am, and What I’m about! I’m a student, practitioner and teacher of A Course in Miracles. No, I’m not Marianne Willaimson or David Hoffmeister or Gary Renard – three successful and amazing Course […]

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