Spiritual Development

  • Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you depressed?

    I expect, wherever you’re reading this in the world, you’ve experienced self-isolation and social distancing during Lockdown. Vocabulary that wasn’t in use prior to the 2020 corona virus pandemic!

    Whatever your state of mind prior to the last few months, if you’re anything like me, I expect you’ve had some fearful thoughts, unusual emotions and changes in your mood. Have you ever considered where these thoughts come from? Over the years I’ve developed a spiritual thought-based practice that helps me to feel peaceful in upsetting moments of overwhelm, and this practice is available for us all. It’s called Forgiveness.

    Since I completed Master of Metaphysics courses in 2005, and even after I’d started teaching metaphysics myself, I had a nervous or psychological breakdown. It was a shock to my system because I “knew the theory”, but I still had my deep healing to do, which I eventually did and my breakdown led to a healing breakthrough and joyous re-awakening.

    I’d learnt about the ego’s thought system and how devious and self-sabotaging our egos can be; but it wasn’t until I went through my own Dark Night of the Soul – a place of deep loss, grief and sadness – that I was brought to my knees and either had to address my life lessons or stay in the dark forever. I discovered my main healing was around childhood abandonment – it was at this point that I really understood about our egos, so I chose the Light and learnt how to manage my ego thoughts.

    The Forgiveness practice

    I knew I had to forgive my ego’s fearful, negative thoughts that created my unhappiness, and I had to learn to communicate with Spirit because I couldn’t heal without connecting to the Light. So that became my No. 1 aim in life and I worked hard to achieve it. After a lot of personal development work I healed sufficiently to have my breakthrough in February 2018. Joy of joys!

    Having experienced these “mental health” challenges, which they are commonly referred to as, I now understand what they’re like and I empathise with people going through their darkest times. I know what it’s like to feel suicidal and to live with anxiety and fear every day, so I’m well-placed to help other people heal and find inner peace for themselves.

    I do this by teaching them about the ego belief system and their Higher Selves, and I support and guide them as to how to heal themselves with the techniques I used. This is my purpose for being on the Earth plane in this lifetime – I chose to return in this incarnation to help others do their healing work needed for their life lessons. But I had to go through it myself first! Often the biggest breakthrough comes after the hardest breakdown.

    I teach metaphysics to people wanting to discover their Truth and to find inner peace – you don’t have to suffer from depression, but this is a trigger for many people at the moment. The good news is that more and more souls are re-awakening at the moment, which is fantastic!

    Healing Techniques

    My breakdown spanned over a decade in which time I had counselling as well as going down the conventional medical route for a while. I employed healing tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), relaxation, meditation, and a brilliant thought practice called Forgiveness, as taught in A Course in Miracles.

    Over the years I have learnt to communicate with Spirit, which has become a wonderful 24/7 connection. I’ve formed a daily habit of forgiving and releasing every upset I have, and I believe this was what finally gave me the peace I sought. It was pretty miraculous when my depression suddenly ended. Rather than a slow-burn lifting, the anxiety just went one day and a new-found joy came flooding back into my mind and life!

    Now, although my deepest fears have gone – and I’ve forgiven one hell of a lot – I continually use this practice a few times a day for anything that comes up which upsets me – from stubbing my toe on the bed to seeing a magpie swooping down to catch a chick in my garden – yes this just happened! But I can release any upset now so it doesn’t get stuck in my mind. I study A Course in Miracles daily to re-mind myself of Who I really am, not a human experiencing this pandemic but part of Spirit dreaming this illusion and knowing that I simply have to re-awaken to the fact that I never left God – none of us have.

    We are pure love; we are divine beings! Spirit is here for us all the time and we can all learn to communicate with them, forming a relationship with Spirit as a friend. This is key to creating a happy life for ourselves here on Earth because they help us to work towards our enlightenment.

    Relationship with Spirit

    I trained with ascended master Maitreya who told us he didn’t ask to be called Master and that we gave him that title. He said we don’t need to put him or any spiritual teachers on a pedestal. So, be normal when you talk to Spirit! We are all in this together, sharing our wisdom with anyone who wants to learn the spiritual development techniques that we’ve discovered work successfully. Gratitude for our teachers is all that’s needed. These spiritual relationships are not about being “religious” in the traditional sense, but about being authentic. Spirit knows what we’re thinking anyway and really is our friend!

    Please leave a comment or get in touch on the Contact Form if you’re interested in learning more, whether it be to help you out of a difficult time now, or whether you’re living with anxiety and experiencing a turbulent mind in any way. It doesn’t have to last forever, although I know it can sometimes feel like you’ll never get through it! Be kind to yourself and stay strong.

    Have an inspiring June!

    With love, as ever


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  • Mind Body Spirit

    Master Your Life Courses

    You’ve probably heard it said that this life is “an illusion”, a “dream”, and that we are here in physical form for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to learn our lessons, to heal and evolve? It’s an illusion because our only true home is in God. But while we’re here in the physical world we’ve been given energy to work with, so that we can heal and become enlightened. How cool is that?!

    I’m a firm believer in ‘Mind Body Spirit’ – the three are integral to our lives. It’s like the Holy Trinity – three in One! The thoughts in our minds affect our bodies, and Spirit holds everything together and sees us through this complicated thing we call life! I’m going to consider the three components:-


    Journalling, or ‘writing my diary’ which I’ve done since I was a teenager, is an excellent way to process our thoughts and feelings, and a great way to keep an ongoing check on what’s going on in our minds. If ever you’re feeling confused, it helps to write it down.

    I usually write my diary first thing in the morning, before I get up. Over the years I’ve found my best inspiration comes to me first thing in the morning, often so quickly that I have to scrabble around for a pen and paper to write it down! Some days I’m brimming with ideas but on others, if I’m not, I simply write my thoughts and feelings about what’s happening in my life – it always helps to get it out of my head and onto paper.

    It’s really helpful to distinguish our ego thoughts – the endless chatter – as opposed to the messages we receive from Spirit. When it was first explained to me – I was incredulous that our ego had an agenda of its own! And I’ve since had the experience that my ego doesn’t like me exploring my mind and connecting to Spirit – our egos want to keep us stuck on the Earth plane!


    In our restrictive physical bodies, it is super important that we maintain our health and have a good level of fitness so we’re in the best of health to study mind-training and practice our spiritual connection. Therefore, having regular energy healings is an important way to look after the Body part of this much-used phrase – Mind Body Spirit!

    Once learnt, I think the Spirit element is the easiest because who hasn’t sneaked a piece of candy or chocolate today? Even though you knew you didn’t really want to because it was unhealthy?! Who hasn’t done enough exercise? Well, me, that’s for sure! This is why I find the Body element reasonably hard to remain disciplined in. There’s a lot of temptation out there!

    And for me, the Mind element means regular study, practise and catching my thoughts all the time so I don’t lose my (usually good!) temper and become irritable with my loved ones – especially hard during the Lockdown when we’re living in such close quarters!


    Back in the ’90s I was an enthusiastic spiritual seeker, reading everything I could lay my hands on to explain the unknown …  the “Great Mystery”. I’d practised Buddhism for a few years and attending metaphysics courses that really opened my eyes and mind to amazing possibilities. Since then, I’ve listened to my thoughts and have learnt to distinguish the two thought sources; I’ve also learnt not to be ruled by my ego’s beliefs anymore but rather to listen to Spirit’s guidance.

    It took lots of listening and distinguishing the two sources, plus me trusting that I would one day succeed in making the distinction. Inspiration and messages from Spirit always come to me from a certain angle, above my head. That sounds odd now I’ve written it, but it’s how it seems to me! And it will be different for everyone, because thoughts can’t be actually placed in a physical place!

    So, do we really understand the spiritual connection to Spirit? In the early days of my seeking I didn’t, even though I was taught how to channel, I found it hard to trust what I was being given. But that early training stood me in good stead and I slowly gained confidence and realised that Spirit was really talking to me – communicating telepathically – dropping words into my mind, initially for me to give readings for others but now all the time, and how exciting was that to discover!

    I can now hear telepathic messages from Spirit, especially in answer to questions I ask. Channelling is a skill we can all learn and I teach people how to channel on my courses.

    Many spiritual seekers have understood asking Spirit for what we want to mean only for manifesting material things, but Spirit will answer all of our questions – even giving us more “time” in our day if we need it! Some books on manifesting are all about getting what we think we want in the world – usually big houses, cars, etc, and although there’s nothing wrong with that, they won’t ultimately give us the peace we’re seeking.

    Holy Spirit is the Voice for God and the link to our Divinity – Spirit gently guides us to awaken. I think it’s the easiest of the three Mind Body Spirit elements because in the long-term it turns out to be the easiest, and it’s so amazing that you’ll just want to do it more and more, all through the day. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus teaches that we can “ask” for every single decision we make, even the smallest, because Holy Spirit will always set us straight, and if we rely on our own decisions we are likely to make ego-led mistakes.

    THREE in ONE!

    I hope you’re managing to enjoy some mindfulness, that you’re eating healthily and giving your body some daily exercise, and connecting to Spirit at every opportunity – I love helping people understand how to listen to their thoughts on my courses. It can be mind-blowing!

    All this leads us to remember Who We Really Are. That we are not separate from God, but while experiencing physicality we use what we can in the world to undo our ego beliefs, learn to hear Spirit and evolve!

    Please do leave a comment!

    Here to serve,


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  • What is Fear?

    Fear – what is it really?

    Hello there, isn’t this the strangest time of our lives? The whole world is under Lockdown due to the Corona Virus, and from what I gather, most people are feeling anxious and fearful. But also, the wonderful thing is that the whole world is working together to support each other, to keep each other safe and survive this pandemic.

    Can you feel the Fear more than usual at the moment? As soon as I hear the News come on the radio & TV, I can feel my mood instantly drop and feel a slight anxiousness descend upon me. I’ve therefore chosen not to listen to it. I rarely buy newspapers or read them online anyway, but when I’m listening to a music station they read News on the hour and every half-hour, so sometimes I can’t miss the latest death tally in England, Wales, etc.

    Spirit teaches there’s only either Love or Fear. If you’re not feeling God’s Love or the Peace of Spirit in your heart and mind at any time, everything else is linked to the ego self and is, therefore, fear-based.

    In A Course in Miracles (ACIM), a study book channelled by Jesus, he teaches exactly the same thing. There can only be Love or Fear, and our purpose is to be in a place of peacefulness and Love at all times, and to heal our unconscious minds so that we rid ourselves of the fear in them. Every time we feel ourselves being drawn into the mass consciousness of fear, we need to actively pull ourselves back by re-minding ourselves what the Truth is and to actively focus on Love, Peace and God.

    This Earth, our world, is an illusion of our ego’s making and the ego loves drawing us back into its dramas – at the moment it’s all about the Corona Virus. The ego doesn’t want us to become enlightened, loving beings.

    Fear is ONLY linked to our ego. It is in NO way connected to Spirit or our Higher Selves. Love and Fear are the only two true opposites, and only one is real – ie Love! What we usually think of as opposites, such as good and bad, black and white, light and dark are also of the ego mind. There can be NO opposites in God.

    Why is that? Jesus teaches in ACIM that Source is pure Love. God doesn’t see our imperfections and doesn’t acknowledge our trials and tribulations. All of our issues are only connected to our ego and therefore fear, which God doesn’t get involved with.

    God sent representatives such as Buddha, Jesus and ascended master Maitreya, to show us the way out of fear and lead us back to the Light. We have a choice – so let’s choose wisely. What are you choosing in this moment? Which would you rather align with? Love or Fear? Well, that’s a “no brainer”, surely?!

    We were raised in the ego’s belief system, therefore, it takes focussed hard work and persistent awareness to move towards the Light and to make the changes to our mental habits that we need to become and stay enlightened.

    After my kids, Russell and Frances, and I came back from Margaret McElroy’s Metaphysics courses (between 2003 – 2005), we used to stick bright yellow Post-It Notes all over our kitchen and bedroom walls, and on the doors leading from one room to another! We covered our house in re-minders of what we’d learnt so that we would be re-minded wherever we looked. No, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked! The notes said things like:

    1. Let go and let God – my favourite!  2. Meditate to connect to Spirit.  3. Ask Spirit for guidance.

    4. Speak your truth, quietly and clearly.  4. Face the fear.  5. You can do it!

    Frances created her Happi Cards, which you can buy from The Happi Empire’s website at https://www.thehappiempire.com, based on these teachings, which have developed since she also started studying A Course in Miracles. Check them out! They’re a very popular tool for spiritual development and used by Life Coaches around the world.

    It’s advisable to have a healing session at least once a month for our ongoing well-being. In times of self-isolation we can all practise Reiki on ourselves – the 21 day self-practice would not go amiss during this Lockdown. If you want to be attuned to Reiki, I can recommend teachers.

    Please remember that feeling fearful IS a choice. I’ve chosen to not allow it into my heart and mind so I don’t listen to the TV or radio News 24/7, it’s simply not necessary. Many Lightworkers don’t read the News anymore. If I do hear it and feel upset in any small way, I forgive and release it straightaway, which always brings me back to peace.

    So, how are you doing? How are you spending your days? I’m taking this time to catch up on some reading and have more time to do my spiritual practice. I’ve been creating some art – just for me – not for public viewing! And I’m keeping fit by jogging and walking, which is possible where I live. I’m communicating as much as possible with friends and family, and with strangers on social media! I’ll talk to anyone to try and calm their anxiety (fear) as much as I can – as I’m sure are you.

    It’s been lovely connecting with you today through this blog, and if you’d like to  leave me a comment, even if it’s just a “Hello” that would be lovely because it’s more important than usual to connect during this pandemic, and if website Contact forms are the way to do it, let’s get connecting!

    Stay safe.

    Love as ever,


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  • “Master Your Life” inspired by Ascended Master Maitreya

    Hello and thanks for dropping by!

    You may have heard of Maitreya, the World Teacher, an ascended master who brings the knowledge and wisdom of Spirit to souls on Earth – those of us ready to receive it. Are you ready? I expect so, or you wouldn’t have started reading this blog! This image is a book of his teachings, available in my shop.

    Jesus and Buddha are also ascended masters – there are many. Maitreya specifically chose to speak through Margaret McElroy to share the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones. How cool was that?! I was one of Margaret’s early students seventeen years’ ago in Queensland, Australia, where she lived at the time, and I very quickly went on to teach Maitreya’s work in the UK, once in Slovenia, and in Australia in 2010 when visiting my daughter in Sydney.

    I heard Maitreya’s teachings first-hand through Margaret, an Englishwoman like myself, who deep-trance channelled Maitreya. She was an amazing Clairvoyant who sadly passed away far too soon on 13th July 2016, having given her life in service to Spirit, as many of us do now, including Jean Luo and Alan McElroy, who continue Margaret’s work through the Maitreya.co website and in person, travelling the world. Jean is Chinese and she’s translated all of Maitreya’s work into Mandarin, travelling to Beijing a few times to teach.

    Jean, Alan and I were Margaret’s students together in the early 2000s, and we all teach and continue to spread the Light. I’m so grateful to Margaret and the hard work she put in for us. I’m blessed with my son, Russell and daughter, Frances Verbeek, who also completed Margaret’s Metaphysics courses as young people, and we’ve been travelling pretty much the same spiritual paths ever since. Nothing is by accident and I know I’m blessed to have them in my life.

    I’d been on a life-long search for answers to questions like, “What happens when we die?”, “What’s my purpose?”, “Why are we here?” and “What exactly is God?”. This article is the first of many and I hope it offers you some answers to those questions and any others you may have. More importantly, I plan to share with you tools and techniques to manage your challenges in this incarnation, and to “Master Your Life”, which is the name of my spiritual coaching business here in the UK.

    On my first Metaphysics Course with Margaret, I just knew that I had to teach Maitreya’s work in England; so in 2004, I cut my working hours as a Professional Charity Fundraiser down to part-time so I could start my spiritual coaching business, “Master Your Life” – the name was given me by Spirit, who inspire me constantly.

    I did Margaret’s Beginners, Advanced and Brotherhood Courses with Alan and Jean, and Russell and Frances did all the courses too. These and other students have gone on to become intuitive astrologers, counsellors, teachers and healers. Whatever our chosen modality, we’re all healers and bringers of Light – Lightworkers, although that word isn’t used in the mainstream!

    So: “What is our purpose?”

    Have you ever asked that question? You don’t have to hit rock bottom, to have thrown up your arms in despair to have asked it, but no doubt some of you have. I did! So, what is the point of all this struggle, pain and suffering?

    The simple answer is: To heal. But also to find peace of mind, to love others as we love ourselves, and to heal others. Learning to love ourselves isn’t as easy as it sounds! But without doing so, we can’t totally help others. It’s a bit “chicken & egg” to start with, and involves quite a lot of personal development work. Jesus spent “40 days in the wilderness” to clear his demons, and he didn’t have running water and a comfy bed to sleep in…..  as they say: “No pain, no gain”!

    There are several stages that souls go through on our spiritual awakening; searching for our Truth. I say “our” and not “the” Truth, because each one of us discovers their Truth within. No-one else knows what’s in my heart, as I don’t know what’s in theirs, and it’s never for someone else to tell you whether you are right or wrong in your spiritual growth. We’re all at different stages and we come to our own realisations in our own good time.

    Each stage can last from as little as one day to 50+ years depending upon the individual involved. You can stay a whole lifetime at just one stage, eg reading spiritual and self-help books forever without actually starting to practice, and that doesn’t matter. You might not reach enlightenment, but it’s our individual choice as to how far and how fast we want to progress.

    Margaret showed us how to channel using her Osho tarot cards. I’d never done it before and nervously practised with another student. And here I am today, quite naturally giving readings for people, chatting with Spirit and my parents, who have passed away. We all have innate skills that can be learnt – I never thought back in 2005 that I could give readings, but I learnt because I wanted to.

    When we start becoming aware of the challenges in our lives and what they mean for us, we’ll be taken out of our comfort zone. We will start to make changes to our conditioned belief systems and to our lifestyles. This is all great progress, and a natural progression.

    Remember that you do so because you chose to. We choose everything that happens in our lives – good and bad. We choose our reactions to situations, and understanding why these challenges come into our lives helps us to face them. We have free will and this is very important to remember because it means we can make the changes we so desire.

    Most fear is based on our conditioning so we may need to let go of some friends, bad habits – anybody or anything that is not working for us anymore. And this can be scary. It’s about facing up to the things that frighten us – our subconscious fears will come to the surface to be overcome.

    Most growth in raising our consciousness is about letting go of our fears, bad habits and unwanted relationships. It becomes more challenging as we raise our awareness because our Ego Self is going to be undone as we progress, and it doesn’t want us to!

    Raising our awareness is all about letting go of old habits and beliefs that our Ego Self has made us believe for so many years.

    Here’s an incentive … when people open up to Spirit and start working with the Energy, the years drop away. People working with the Spirit don’t age as normal because when we work with Spirit, their energy is constantly streaming through our bodies, energising our cells.

    As our vibration raises we start to give away what we don’t need. Things only you know aren’t good for you and we make lifestyle changes. Letting go of old habits and changing your conditioning will naturally raise your vibration.

    Happy to have your comments and questions below, thank you.


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  • Are you a bit of a Spiritual Junkie?

    Spiritual book

    An alternative title would have been “Spiritual seeker becomes spiritual practitioner”! I have read dozens of books, attended many workshops and a few amazing, life-changing metaphysics courses. In 2003-2005, I attended the three Master of Metaphysics Courses run by Margaret McElroy, nee Birkin, who channelled ascended master Maitreya.

    Nothing’s by chance, there is no such thing as coincidence, it’s all serendipity, and I’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids (as I write aged 38 and 36 years old), who have done almost the very same, identical courses and study books as me, so we’re able to support and encourage each other in an absolutely fantastic way, even life-saving and definitely life-changing at some points in my life. My son was Margaret’s youngest and one of her first students, aged 21, back in 2002, although my daughter was younger when she did the Beginners Course with me in 2003, at 19.

    Practising what we’ve learned from all the books we’ve read to-date, and the courses and workshops we’ve attended, rather than reading yet another spiritual or self-help book is vital. It’s also important to stop being a Spiritual Junkie and zone in on one spiritual path and/or spiritual teacher.

    If you’re anything like me, you have many questions you want to find the answers to, and you love reading the many amazing self-help, spiritual and autobiographies to find the truth out for yourself – indeed, YOUR Truth.

    “How can I be happier?” “How can I become enlightened?” And I’m sure you have a myriad of other questions! Do you think it’s time that you really zoned in and addressed your core truth, or do you want to continue procrastinating and messing about with being a nice, spiritual person for a few more years?

    I’ve always been a very nice person, kind and loving, compassionate, etc, but, do you know, and it may surprise you … being all those things doesn’t make you enlightened! I remember being shocked when I realised this. All the time I’d been a people-pleaser, I wasn’t actually loving ME, and nor was I growing towards the enlightened state that I now find myself much closer to.

    Taking a long hard look in the mirror, to use a well-known phrase, is what is seriously needed to find out what our beliefs are, whether we really like these beliefs, ie do they really relate to who you are, or were they things you’d been taught as you were a child and you’ve carried them with you all your life?

    Are you ready to do some journeying with Jacquie? If so, please get in touch and ask me some questions! Please use the Contact Form on my website here.


    Photo by Aung Soe Min on Unsplash

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