spiritual guidance sessions

Are you ready to get your life in order?

For anyone who has depression, spiritual questions and ordinary daily problems.

If you’re looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable person to help you on your life path,  these coaching sessions with Jacquie are for you.  She can meet you on Zoom, by phone, or after Lockdown will be willing to travel by arrangement.

Spiritual coaching

Spiritual Guidance

Your investment starts at £50 for 1 hour

Jacquie has been on her spiritual journey for over 30 years & is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. With experience and knowledge of Christianity, metaphysics, Buddhism and also having gone through her own Dark Night Of the Soul, ie a breakdown, depression & severe anxiety for twelve years, she is well-placed to coach you on any life issues you may have.

These 1-2-1 sessions will help you clarify any questions you have, and as Jacquie works with Spirit, she will be able to give you guidance from Source to help you with your personal spiritual development.

areas we may explore


The coaching sessions will start with a few moments of quiet to bring you and Jacquie into the shared space and away from the hubbub of daily life. She can show you meditation techniques to use in your daily life.


Jacquie is an Advanced Reiki practitioner and has a healing practice with Crystals and Past Life Regression. All sessions will incorporate healing, even if you don’t notice it. She can share healing techniques with you to do at home.


The ego belief system is a thought system that we experience as the constant self-defeating chatter in our heads. In your coaching session with Jacquie she will help you to distinguish these thoughts and how to control them.


Jacquie is an intuitive healer and channels spiritual guidance in her daily life. In her sessions with you, she may use an oracle card deck to give you a reading, or simply channel wisdom from Source. She can also help you understand your own inner guidance.


Life can be tough – well, let’s be frank, it usually is! And spiritual coaching is a fantastic way to discover yourself. For example, the cause(s) of your depression, anxiety or grief. There will probably be some healing work to be done, and Jacquie will gently guide you on your path.


Jacquie initially offers one coaching session, after which a course of between four to six sessions can be arranged if, after an initial meeting, we agree this is something that would be helpful to you.

How Does It Work?

1. Get in touch

Please send Jacquie a message on the Contact Page with any questions about her coaching sessions or any other questions about how Jacquie works. She will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

2. Discovery call

Is coaching right for you? After initial contact is made, we can arrange a discovery call to discuss where you are on your path or if you have any other questions before booking.

3. Secure your place

A 10% deposit of the price your first session is required to secure your booking. Dates can be arranged between you and Jacquie upon request. Sessions will be booked at a mutually convenient time.

Kind words from clients

  • “Jacquie was kind enough to come to my home to teach the Beginners’ Master Your Life course. I understood what she shared, but beforehand I hadn’t put everything into practice to help me develop on a spiritual level. Since then I’ve been motivated to do so, and Jacquie made herself available afterwards to support me.”

    – Claudia Crampton, Psychotherapist
  • Jacquie was very focussed delivering her course and told us she channels Spirit. She interpreted my Astrological Natal Chart, and I had a Reiki healing. We discussed different perspectives on life, including the ego. We did exercises focussing on our life journey and it was enlightening and very helpful.

    – Amanda Cutler-Little, Aromatherapist and Bowen Therapist
  • Jacquie has a lovely warm personality that will make you feel welcome as soon as you meet her. She will guide you on your journey wherever that may be, and will draw upon her own varied experiences to help you on your chosen path. She comes highly recommended 🙂 

    – Stephanie Strath, Pilates Instructor
  • Claudia
  • Amanda Cutler-Little
  • Stephanie Strath

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Ready to learn the amazing Truth about Who you really are?

I would love to meet you for a personal Spiritual Guidance Session in Godalming, Surrey, just 45 minutes from London by train, or at a mutually convenient venue. Locations outside Godalming incur travel expenses at cost. Please get in touch now to find out if you’d like to work with Jacquie.

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