Our purpose on the Earth plane is to get back in touch with our true spirit, to re-awaken in God. That is the only place we will find true peace and inner happiness – “that passes all understanding”.

Worldly events and material things bought with money bring happiness – but all those things bring only temporary happiness. For example, we go to a friend’s wedding and have a lovely day, everyone’s looking their best and are happy for the couple who are in love, and weddings are usually happy events. But looking behind the scenes, and we will find nervousness, doubt even (am I marrying the right person?), and usually the stress of organising the event carries on through the day. I’ve known a bride and her mother both taking Valium on the morning of her wedding! And my then husband-to-be was up at dawn pacing the gardens of the hotel because he couldn’t sleep!

Many people use alcohol and drugs as sticking plasters to cover their unhappiness, often leading to addiction. Other people create bad habits such as using retail therapy to hide behind their unhappiness, which can lead to hording material belongings. I think, although it can be fun, making collections of antiques or shells is a form of addiction, because we’re clinging to material things to hide behind instead of addressing our thoughts. I speak from experience!

However, the only way to find inner peace is to address our emotional and mental baggage gathered through this life and from our past lives. (We live 1000s of lifetimes until we become enlightened.) And understanding that our individual issues are caused by either a childhood trauma or a relationship breakdown, for example, is a good starting point. Being willing to put in the personal development work is the only way to truly find inner peace.

Often people say to me, “Well that’s not easy,” and no, I’m afraid it’s not easy. But this life ain’t exactly easy is it? We all have problems and suffer in one way or another and we got ourselves in to this mess, so we have to put in the work to get ourselves out of it! If, you want to – and that’s the big question. Do you really want to find inner peace?

If you are reading this, I’m going to assume you have some interest in doing so. You will be at a place on your life path where you realise there is something better than what this world offers.

And, if it’s any encouragement, I’ve done the work and if I can do it … you can!

I’m not claiming to be enlightened but I’ve addressed my childhood trauma and my resulting fear of being alone. I’ve