Are we dreaming this world? Are we human beings or are we spiritual beings having a physical experience?

To wake up to Who We Truly Are usually takes us many years because we’re so accustomed to being human. From the day we were born we’ve been having physical feelings – hunger, crying, cuddles from our parents, being breast-fed by our mothers – all very tangible.

But as you’re reading this, I think I can safely assume you have been wondering if being human isn’t all there is to life, and that you’ve been asking yourself and other people questions about the meaning of life, what your purpose is, and that you’ve been trying to understand what death and reincarnation really is all about. I certainly have!

I started asking these questions in my 20s, but was distracted for a decade or so bringing up my children and working full-time, but one of the first books I bought in the mid 1990s was “The Truth In The Light – an investigation of over 300 Near-Death Experiences”, by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick. Peter was President of the British branch of the International Association for Near-Death Studies which was fascinating.

I’ve always been open-minded, which has stood me in good stead, and I’ve never simply accepted what teachers or authors have told me or written without fully understanding and knowing for myself what was true for me – ie what my Truth is.

I’m sure you can share your journey of discover about how you first started off looking for your Truth – when did you first start asking questions, and where has your path taken you? Do leave a comment below if you would like to share your story.

“The Truth In The Light” refers to “The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying”, by Sogyal Rinpoche, who likens the Buddhist view of dying to a near-death experience, which is another book well worth reading.

Recently I watched a 2018 interview with David Icke on TalkRadio, a London radio station which has a YouTube channel, and when asked what started him off on his spiritual quest, David said it was when he came across a book called “Mind to Mind” by Betty Shine in the late 1980s. I came across it in the 1990s and it was a fascinating and  brilliant introduction to using our minds. Betty was ahead of her time – she also wrote “Mind Magic” and “Mind Waves”, and David was lucky enough to visit Betty Shine for a reading and healing. Since then, David said he feels “a presence” that I know to be Spirit, although he doesn’t name it – he just says he feels a consciousness and that he follows his intuition.

So, is this a dream? Yes I believe so. I know I’m spirit and although I think I have “my” mind, we actually share One Mind and I’m here now in human form on the Earth plane to have the opportunity to heal my mind by learning the lessons from both my childhood and those buried in my subconscious brought in from former lifetimes. The lessons which emerged for me, triggered in the mid 2000s by a major separation from my children, were separation and abandonment issues. I’ve now mainly healed them, but am still tested to a lesser degree when people leave or a relationship breaks down. My metaphysics teacher, Margaret McElroy taught me that we would continue to be tested until we had fully healed, or learned that lesson.

But I know now that I am never separate from God, from our Source, from Love, and our One Mind. Plus I’ve learned how to hear and communicate with Spirit, so I never feel alone. That’s not to say I don’t miss the company of other people during Lockdown! And that’s because I’m having a human experience, as Jacquie in this incarnation, and touch and laughing with friends is important to me – I’m an extrovert as I have Leo ascending!

So, yes I’m dreaming my human experience but I’m making the most of it and my time on Earth to heal. I do that by remembering Who I Really Am and by practising forgiveness. Knowing that the world is an illusion doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it, and seeing it through the eyes of Love makes it a peaceful and joyous place to be – for now!

With love, as ever