There’s a specific path we meander along when we are proactively journeying along our spiritual path. There are certain Levels of Awareness we pass through.

Maitreya gave these six levels celestial names, and although other teachers have given them different names, and may have five or seven levels, they all explain a similar metaphysical reason for how we progress – or not!

The Ten Spiritual Laws which you received when you signed up to my newsletter, were also given by Ascended Master Maitreya who my teacher, Margaret, deep-trance channelled until she passed away in 2016. When I attended my first course with her in 2003, I was taught how we go through these levels, usually progressing three steps forward and taking two steps backwards! It’s not an easy path to choose – but the rewards will be fantastic! And there are no defining lines between these levels, you’ll see yourself in them as you read through, and you may fit into two or even three different levels. They are given as a guide, to show you that there is a progression.

The first Level of Awareness is Ordinary – man in the street, blissfully unaware, getting on with life until he or she experiences something quite major that jolts them out of Ordinary. It might be a personal tragedy like the loss of a loved one; or major hormonal changes such as puberty, at which time they will start to ask questions and move into:

The second Level, which is Lunar – this is when our interest in metaphysics is piqued and we start reading books and attending courses. We become aware that there is something else, other than the physical. We become aware of our minds.

Our questions might be along the lines of: Who is God? What’s the point of life? Why am I here? Why do bad things happen to me/my nice friends? Why did my loved one die too soon? Why did God let that happen to me? Why aren’t my prayers answered?

You’ll start nosing around the Mind Body Spirit sections in bookshops and will attend courses. You will question your beliefs – one thing leads to another, and we will move into:

The third Level – Solar. In Solar you may start working part-time as a healer, or join a Spiritual Circle or group and start to work with Spirit, learning to work with different energies. You become very enthusiastic to learn and help others as you become more aware of synchronicities and miracles.

The fourth Level is Stellar when you will be taken out of your life-long comfort zone. You will start to work for Spirit as a healer, teacher or therapist but this is when your ego starts to put your doubts and fears in front of you so that you can face them, learn from then and overcome them. This is how we grow.

Your Ego Self will try to impede your growth. It will do anything to hinder you and keep you in your comfort zone. This is why most people do not progress past SOLAR.

The fifth Level is Cosmic when our egos are determined not to lose control. It comes out fighting as it’s been Top Dog all of your life and doesn’t going to stop now. It doesn’t want you to progress towards your spiritual goals, but your faith, determination and hard work WILL see you through.

As we raise our vibration we start to give things away that we don’t want. You may stop smoking, drinking, and doing things that you don’t like. You begin to speak your truth quietly and clearly and truly become your own person. You let go of old habits and change your conditioned beliefs.

You will go through a ‘cardboard phase’ in Cosmic, when things you love don’t mean anything to you anymore.

And the sixth and final is Universal when we start to experience the Love of Spirit and the Ultimate Being / God and have some moving experiences which are hard to put into words. Your ego will remain with you until you die, but by moving into this phase you will know exactly What You Are.

When you have finally overcome your fears by working through your lessons, you re-awaken in God / the Ultimate Being. You will have a continual feeling of peace and joy. You will find the happiness you seek.

I go into more detail about these levels in my Beginners Metaphysics Course, so as I say in my newsletters – “That’s All Folks!”

With love as ever